Do You Know These Hair Coloring Secrets?

Coloring your hair is maybe the quickest and most dramatic method to alter your look. There are two types of hair dyes: irreversible and semi- permanent, with variations of each.

A) Permanent Tints:

Must be blended with hydrogen peroxide to lift hair color. The peroxide opens the hair cuticle so that the tint can permeate the cortex and form the color. The higher the level of peroxide, the quicker and lighter the outcome.

B) Semi-Permanent Colors: They don’t actually raise the color-you can either differ the tone within your natural highlights or go darker. The color can last up to 20 washes and will softly fade as you shampoo, triggering no re-growth problem.

C) Semi-Permanent Veggie Colors: Contain just veggie extracts and natural ingredients, so no color is removed from your hair. It is similar to henna but it doesn’t coat the hair (adds shine though). This color rests on the hair’s surface and will rinse after about 8 shampoos.

Different coloring techniques fit different hairstyles, so get some professional recommendations when choosing which one to opt for … Skin Tone: Your brand-new hair color must match your complexion. Light-skinned people don’t look excellent with really dark hair because it draws color out of their skin.


If you would like to be blonde, talk the process through with your colorist (or stylist) before you go for it. It must be fairly painless on virgin dark brown hair, however if your hair has been completely tinted then the process will end up being a long legend. Never attempt this kind of color task by yourself for the first time.


Red is the attractive shade, for color that sobs out for attention. Hair hangs on to red-toned pigments well, so going copper-top can be easy for many people. However be warned-if you are blonde you will usually have to go 2 or three shades darker than your natural color to accomplish an abundant red (brunette), and it’s hard to reverse it.


Brunette is constantly a safe choice as it suits nearly everybody. Varying the shade with highlights can accomplish a huge range of looks. From chocolate brown and bronze tones to honey or dark blonde, combinations of natural tones gives incredible shine as darker-pigmented tints include condition to your hair.


This is without a doubt the easiest color to accomplish since the particles in black tints are larger and will cover all hair types extremely efficiently. Caution is required when utilizing black, as it only tends to look good on individuals with darker and olive complexion.

Some popular coloring concerns:

* Will coloring my hair damage it?
Just if the incorrect level of peroxide is utilized or you are over-processing (a lot of irreversible colors are used) your hair. If you continuously change your hair color, specifically if you go from blonde to brown and back to blonde, you need to routinely utilize deep conditioning treatments.

* Exactly what’s better for my hair, semi-permanent or irreversible color?
Semi-permanent color offers your hair a greater shine and enhances condition, however they will not raise natural hair color. Also, a semi-permanent tint will not cover big quantity of gray hair (more than HALF).